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Inglourious Bastards


Quentin Tarantino has done it again. In the style of Pulp Fiction, Inglourious Basterds uses the broken story style of chapters and flash backs which bring this movie together. The social commentary of prejudice and revenge is the main theme, although the true motivational reasons for the group of this Jewish American Commando Unit who's mission is to kill Nazis remains a little thin as it is used as a vehicle to support what I believe is the main story, that of Shoshana, (Melanie Laurent), , a French Jewish woman out to seek revenge for the death of her family.


Brad Pit as Lt Aldo Rains, of the First Special Service Force, who is supported by members of the 29th Infantry Division and others, plays an outstanding part of what the Europeans typified as the average American, gangster/cowboy/Indian with a lot of hillbilly mixed in. But in my opinion, S.S. Col. Hans landa, (Christoph Waltz), is the star of the show. The level of cool calm and precision matches the typical image of the German S.S. officer corps, with just the right amount of humor for a very good character.


The level of violence is typical Tarantino, just enough to make you take notice, (as the sounds of the audience let you know), with enough shoot-em-up to satisfy most lovers of blood and goor movies, but not enough to repulse the modern viewer.


The story line is very imaginative and has no historic backing and do not look for any levels of historic authenticity, this is just pure Hollywood.


Oh yea, did I mention that Hitler gets a full mag in his face!!


Looking forward to this on DVD to add to my collection and it will go right next to Pulp Fiction and Natural Born Killers.



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