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After Action Report: Battle for Crucifix Hill, Billie Creek Village, Rockville, IN


The Axis forces occupied the village and the Allied forces the farm which were separated by a couple acres of open pasture which was bordered by Billie Creek, a clear fast running stream which is crossed by three (3) Covered Bridges, one (1) of which we held two (2) battles around. There were several vignettes held in the village using partisans, one (1) at the cafe and the other using a horse drawn wagon. It was a slow and laid back day with moments of intense action.


There were around 30 re-enactors in attendance evenly spilt between the two(2) camps with two (2) vehicles. The turn out was low but all had fun.


Billie Creek Village has the potential to become one of the great spots for Living History events in the Midwest. There are three (3) Covered Bridges over Billie Creek, 27 buildings within the Village most which can be used by the re-enactors, (much like Rockville, IL) and a farm complex with six (6) buildings, (much like Lowell, IN), with 38 acres of open land which contains the Village and the Farm. There is a large area behind the farm which could be used for battles, (much like Rockome Gardens), and behind that many more acres of wooded ground for tacticals.


Public restrooms are located in three (3) areas of the complex with a large pavilion that is used as a meeting/vending/dance area. The village has a good layout of roads with a main street and connecting side streets, a covered bridge allowes you to enter and leave the village at both ends. There is a gazeable in the town square which is surrounded by a cast iron fence which faces the Main street business. The village uses horse drawn wagons to move the visitors around, (much like Lowell), and the visitors parking is out of site to the Village. There are several buildings which house food vendors during the summer season.


Even though the weather was cold, cloudy and damp with rain at the very end of the day and there was a large Covered Bridge Festival being held in the town of Rockville, IN which held the crowds down for the Village, this was a very good and fun Event. You should have been there and this writer hopes that next year you will consider attending this event, I believe you will not only have a good time but that you will tell all of your fellow re-enactors how bad it was that they missed it.


Next year the date might be moved to May in order to accommodate the school age children, (much like Rockford and Jefferson Barracks) on the Friday.


S/SGT Adkins, G.A.

FSSF 6-3 Commanding

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