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After action report......


EXCELLENT Turnout......the best I have seen in years. I didn't put it together. but a guy from channel 2 thought it was a reslut of the shootings at Hood.


Whatever the reason,,,,,,it was great. The best weather we could have hoped for.

Reinactors were in short supply, I think there were 6 or 8 Rangers and that was about it. 14th was there in the form of Sean Burton, Gary Adkins and myself did a nam impression.

There were a bunch of WWII and Korean vets...and a ton of Nam vets.....Gary and I tried to shake all of their hands.....some were in tears......


I hope we can build on this. Frankly guys, I can no longer shell out to move these tanks. I want to keep the truck for that....but I need to find sponsors for the transportation. If anyone knows of a business or group that would like to have a banner in the parades or events, let me know.


I have never wanted to sell out to commercial interests....but I must face reality.


Hopefully, my storage issues will be solved by next year and I can have one or more M5s here in the St Louis area....properly stored and ready to go.


Oh yeah.....never got a thumbs up on the hooters lunch. My last conversation with them included a lament on how bad business was...I understand....


Oh yeah......MVPA attendance was way down....only one jeep from the MVPA group.....so it was not a biggie....


The guys from Jeff county had a great looking collection of M35A2s, like 8 of them, with trailers and even a couple of 5 ton tractors that looked great.,. Very nice...I think they would be happy to help us out with transport of guys and gear sometime in the future.,.......great guys!


Pray for better times next year...


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