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AAR: 30 Jan 2010, Hurtgen Forest, Greenfield, IL


This was a small tactical which was very enjoyable. The battle ground was only a few acres of farm field and woods with a creek running around it , there were about 40 re-enactors for both sides. The353rd INF German use this ground for training and it has many bunkers and a command post on site. One of the interesting things which added to the event was the use of field phones which worked and were located in the bunkers.


There were 2 battles, first the Americans attacked and the second the Germans attacked, there was a hot lunch in the middle of homemade vegetable soup and homemade fresh bread and coffee, not bad for a $10 registration fee.


OC's were used at this event, the guys in the Union Civil War garb knew there stuff and it eliminated the

"take your hit" BS, however there was one guy who knew nothing and he caused a few problems in his sector, other than that, this was another event which proved that OC's are becoming very necessary to create an enjoyable time for your event guests and it showed that it is imperative that your OC's know there stuff. Training, training, training, and have a plan.


I had a good time at this event, and using this site for other events in the future would be good, so long as it isn't more than 1 a year and it is kept small, almost like a training day as much as a tactical, as this site is small.


thank you,


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