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AAR on BOB Greenville Il

The 68th AIB 14th Armored had these members at the event. Capt Wilke, Lt. Brown, Pvt Brown, PFC Adkins and PVt. Dolan. Thanks guys.

It was a cold start to the morning with temps in the teens. This was a good event to see how your cold weather gear would hold-up. The morning started with the registration and S&A check. We were then marched into the field to our starting spot. We were unsure of the starting area and didn't know the battle plan. Kevin Ownes showed me a map and told me where we were going to start and what the objective was. Our mission at first was to move in a northwest direction and engage the enemy. After crossing a death trap open field and getting killed we regrouped and form a plan of alfa-baker team. There were dug in machine gun implacements on the right flank. It took the allies just over 1 hour to clear the MG inplacements and take the C.P.

At this point we had lunch. The lunch lasted 1 1/2 hours. A little long for lunch. But, the host had a good hot lunch of soup with home made bread. Nice touch... After lunch the allies took command on all the dug-in areas and the Germans tried to take it. The intresting think about this battle is they had phone wire run to all the dug in areas. This means that you could talk with real WWII phones to all the dug-in areas. This gave complete command and control to the allied commander. I've never seen this used at an reenactment. VERY COOL..

At this point I knew what kind of weapon and strength the german had. For the most part all the germans had bolt action Mauser rifles. I also knew that most all the germans were young and didn't have much experince. At one point the germans tried to flank us and there only machine pistol jammed and most all the bolt guns jammed. We opened up with a B.A.R. and took out the patrol. The battle went on for over 2 1/2 hours. The germans could not take the c.p and the battle was called because guys were getting tired and low on ammo.

At this event the sponser used O.C's. The O.C's were effective to a point. Of the 3 O.C's, 2 knew what they were doing. The other O.C. wanted to watch more that call hit or do anything.

All in all I had a good time. For a first time even, it was fun. A BIG THANKS to Jim Phillips and the crew of the 353rd.


That is all,


Capt. Wilke

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