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Capt. Wilke
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First, let me say that before you go to any event that you use a secondary impression, do some research on the event...  For example, don't show-up for an event like a D-day event with a 14th Armored patch on. As you know, the 14th was NOT at D-day. This makes you look silly as a reeenactor.  We are a better unit than this. Please, look up what the proper uniform is for the event. If you don't know ASK .Another thing, try to stay with your unit. It's difficult to keep everyone together at events. I want to do thing at events as a group.


This event was the only one like it in the midwest that you could ride in a higgins boat and do some type of D-day landing. I've also rode on an Alagator and DUCW at this event. This is something you don't get to do at evet reenactment. A real treat.


This is the last year for the event at this site. I don't know what the future holds for the event or the Ship. Sgt. Goodall said they are tring to find another site for the event. I hope they do. It would be ashame to lose this type of event.

The site has issues and is limited in what the event can do at this site. A lot of politics are going on behind the scenes. At first, I didn't know what to think about the battlefield that was covered with used bricks, glass broken concrete and large jagged rocks. It turned out a reenactor from another group fell and cut his hand down to the bone. An abmbulance had to take the young man to the hospital to get his hand sewn up.


I can't stress how important it is to have plenty of water on your person at a reenactment. You lose water at a very fast rate. Since your body is 3/4 water, it's very important to drink water to replentish your body. Lets not forget that.  The warmer it is, the more you sweat and the faster your body looses water.


At the event there was a mission brief, lunch served on the LST, 2 battles and two venders. The battles lasted about 20 min with some heavy fire fights. The first battle the allies took up some german position that they held. The second battle the germans tried to take the positions that we took at the first battle. The second battle was intresting for me because I got to share a foxhole with Brian Carlin. Brian had a full auto B.A.R. Brian shot the BAR so much the the barrel got so hot that you could see the heat rise off the barrel. Smoken hot


Lets face it. This event has always had it issues. The camping was bad, the bands played til 3am, dealing with drunks from the 3am bar, and other issues. However, this was a unique event in that I looked forward to the ship and the higgins boat ride. Don't forget, the 325 was at D-day. How cool is that.




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Rich Schafer
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One think I learned from playing scenario paintball to help stay hydrated you need to prepare beforehand.  In addition to having a lot of water during the event you should drink a lot more than normal in the days beforehand.  The guy who told me this was an EMT and now back in the military.  He  said that if you get dehydrated to takes several hours to rehydrate, so you must keep drinking throughout the day.



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