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"Operation Tenderfoot is next weekend, 17 July, now is the time to think about the Tropical or summer Military Impression you would like to do. And remember, any time period is welcome, but Authenticity will be strictly adhered too for the impression which you decide on. If you do not wish to do an Military Impression, then you can join us in what ever your comfortable, PLEASE do not mix or create something which is not authentic, either do a Military Impression or come as you are.

Also, as this can be an exhausting hike do to temperature, we will put a vehicle at both ends, making this a one way hike. I need a volunteer second car, please let me know as we will need to be 1/2 hr earlier in order to place a car in the right spot.

You may bring any training weapon or non-firing weapon. Correct air-sort with no ammo is OK, accurate (?) home made training weapons OK, but lets make sure they are good, I may turn away some weapons if they do not fit the 10ft .......... rule.

Pack a field lunch and prepair your food with the weather in mind, HOT! ?


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