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17 July 2010, "Operation Tenderfoot", 4th Annual Summer Hike, St. Louis, MO.


AAR: 18 July 2010


My summer and winter hikes average 10 miles or more and are designed to help the re-enactor have some kind of a feel for what a ruck march which every soldier in every army did. This is also a way to see just how to wear your equipment, what to keep and what not to carry and a way to practice noise discipline check out your boots ect. Every hike we have generats in one degree or another some casualties, this was no exception.


One trooper knew he wore the wrong boots and he suffered for it in the last 3 miles, one of the youngest lads crapped out at the very beginning, too many video games and for others it was a time to push your endurance and set a challenge for yourself, the two oldest members survived with a good sense of accomplishment, the younger members of the hike did the best, which is expected. All in all the goals of the hike were meet.


It was a clear day, high humidity and temperatures in the mid 90's, the trail was busy this day and there were 9 in our group. Three members of the Australian Army, 3 from the WWII 29th Division, 1 from the First Special Service Force, a 10th PSYOP impression from Desert Storm and 1 member of the 2nd Rangers of St Louis.


Each impression was spot-on even down to the WW II wool uniforms with 41 field jackets and assault vests. The Australian impression were most impressive as was the Desert Storm impression and the WWII Medic impression is still a work in progress.


The Hike started on time but after a short distance one of the Aussies fell back, I stayed within site of him for about a mile or so until the other Aussies fell back to keep him company, at which I caught up with the main body at the picnic table on top of the big ass hill were we had a snack. We took lunch at the second railroad crossing which was 8 miles into the hike and gave some time for the Aussies to catch up, they were about 3 miles behind, in time we moved on and finished the hike and Joe and myself drove the truck back down the trail to retrieve the chaps from down under, we found them strung out over about a 2 mile stretch of trail with the last guy having all of the gear, this was truly there Kakoda Trail.



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