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After Action report: Battle for Caen, Rockolm Gardens, Arcola, IL

I visited Rockolm Gardens many years ago, but the memories are vague, as are the many years ago, however, I have always felt it was a little out of place for a WW II Re-enactment and yet somehow it actually works.

As this Event was announced just a few weeks ago, the turn out wasn't too bad, considering the recent weather and short notice. The usual suspects were there, I traveled up alone just for a few hours and I had a really good time.

As at most public events you had the usual displays and camp sites a few vehicles and a lot of good Joe's. But in this writers opinion the German Calvery was the "Best of Show". From the early morning exercises on the field practicing there formations to the use of there wagons for the focus of the battles, this group did a fine job.

As a Medic, I worked with a gentleman who had brought his newly restored ambulance to its first event, I had a good time with this during the first battle. As the day wore on and after the first battle I found a nice shade tree, the one were the 14th Armor set camp 2 years ago, and took a two hour nap. I left before the second battle, the last few weeks of working in the heat was too much.

I hope that Rockolm Gardens will continue to happen and I look forward to next year.

SGT Adkins

68 AIB / 14 AD

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