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After Action Report:

River Battle was well attended with around 80 re-enactors. The 68th Armored Infantry Battalion, 14th Armored Division had four in Attendance: Craig Brown, Sean Burton, Andy Dolan and Gary Adkins.

The first scenario went off fairly well, at least from my point of view, I left before the second ended. As usuall, there were those who did not get the memo. Yes, hit taking, why is it a problem. YOU DO NOT DIE! Play by the rules. I took seven hits, I could see the rifleman and the muzzle flash.

For those of you who think that I'm your Mother or wife, sorry, I do not have eyes in the back of my head, nor do I see to my extream left or right. If you are not withen my world view at that moment, that is, the area in which I'm looking at the time, how in the world and I supposed to know that you fired at me? My take on it is you are the fool, you waste your blanks and get pissed off because you just don't understand why I did not fall dead, the reason why is simple, it is the same thing you do, if you do not know how can you react.

Another problem I have is really just my own, but it is real to me. WHY ARE YOU THERE!
As was pointed out to me today, by a German who refused to take hits and was jumping up and down like a monkey on top of the wall, 'this is just a game'. WHY ARE YOU THERE? To have FUN!! But my fun is not necessarily going to be your kind of fun. I really do understand that, however, in my personal opinion, I am there to in a small way to recreate WWII, to try to understand the life of a combat soldier, to try to understand fear and sacrifice, and to pop a kraut in the ASS. I, like a lot of re-enactors never served, I watched movies and read a lot of books, so I do try to do things the right way, to learn while having fun, and as it was pointed out to me, this is a game, but the last time I checked, games have rules and in order for the game to be fun for all, the rules have to be followed, and each person must realise that by acting like a monkey, you are taking away from someone elses fun. Respect one another or stay home!

I applaud the efforts of the Rangers to try and curb some of the excess of certain groups of re-enactors from taking away the fun of others, sadly the Rangers are up against a mind set that goes back many years. I especially would like to point out the peace keeping efforts of Nick B. good job and thank you.

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