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Atterbury 2013



Myself and other members of the 14 Armored went to this event last weekend. I must say it was a good time. After leaving St. Louis on Friday night at 11;30 pm it was about a 5 hour drive to the event.



We arrived at the gates to the event at about sun up 0630 and registered for the event. After getting geared up myself and Gary were to do recon for the 14th Armored unit. We were placed in a jeep with a driver and map to recon the area and give information to the Armor about where the Germans were. After the first tank battle with the tank taking out it first vehicle the tank commander needed a bow gunner. This was needed because the tank needed the firepower in case of infantry movement.



So, I became the bow gunner for the rest of the day. Since I had done this job before on several other battles I knew the job and it was interesting. The tank crew was Jon Shoop as tank commander, Perry Locke was the the loader, Dammit Dave was the tank driver and I was the gunner.



After getting many kills on the German half track, bren gun and other equipment the taken was taken out by a panzer sherck.



The event had only about 100 reenactors. This was a small event to have 3 tanks at and the unit needed more support. Even so I had a great time at the event and in the future would do recon with this unit anytime.



After driving all night to do this event I would do it again but just wish more reenactors would so up.




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