Associate Group: First Special Service Force, 6th CO, 3rd REG and the 6th Corps living History Group, St Louis, MO

Membership Information

Thank you for your interest in joining the 68th Armored Infantry Battalion of the 14th Armored Division. This is an elite group of re-enactors that have been reenacting for an average of 4 years. We want most all of our re-enactors to have experience in re-enacting. This group does between 4-6 major events per year along with other events. Here are the requirements to join the unit:
Be with in a 2 hour drive of St. Louis Missouri.
Have some re-enacting experience.
Dues are $25.00 per year.
Be 21 years of age. 16 years of age if accompanied by a legal guardian.
Be able to obtain a C & R license.
Own your own re-enacting weapon.
Own the proper WWII uniform(s) and equipment required to do a correct impression.
Devote the time and money to achieve a quality, historically-accurate impression.
Be willing to except the unit hair cut standard. ( A military WWII standard hair cut)
Facial hair will be trimmed to military standards.
Devote the time to research  WWII by talking to Veterans and reading books to further your knowledge of the subject.
Fill out proper applications and submit it to the C.O.
Contact the C.O. if there are any question about these requirements.
Commanding Officer: CPT. Scott Wilke @ [email protected]