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Table of Equipment and Organization:  68th Armored Infantry Battalion

Since the 14th Armored didn't get into France till late October of 1944, the equipment that this unit uses can be late war. We allow both early, mid and late war equipment. Here is a list of uniforms and equipment . Also listed are some suggested equipment.  The 14th Armored patch must be sewn on all shirts and jackets when excepted into the unit. Also, proper rank must be sewn on all uniform pieces.
M-1 Helmet with liner. net is optional but recommended.
M43 Field Jacket or Armored Forces Winter Jacket.  ( Tankers Jacket )
Wool Shirt, any WWII pattern
Wool Pants, dark late war pattern
M-43 Boots (2 buckles)
M-43 Fields Pants or HBT Pants.  Pants to be sized to fit over Wool Pants.
Pistol or Cartridge Belt. ( Belt to fit impression)
M-42 Pouch with First Aid kit
Canteen set ( Canteen, cup and cover)
Ammo bag, Gas Mask Bag or Musette bag with strap
Poncho or Rain Coat
Firearm of proper type ( M-1 Garand, M-1 Carbine, Grease Gun, Thompson and BAR.  1903A3 as a last choice.) Sidearm's must be approved by C.O. ,full auto and SBR's must have proper paperwork at all time. Shotguns must be approved by C.O.
M-43 Field Cap or HBT Cap
HBT Jacket
Duffel Bag
5 button sweater or equivalent
5-buckle rubber over boots
Wool Gloves with leather palms
Wool Jeep Cap
Mess Kit ( With eating irons)
Fighting knife or bayonet, ( Other knives can be carried if approved by C.O.)
This is just the start of equipment. Keep in mind that at some time you might want to get a WWII era cot and some type of era bed clothes.  Also, along the way you might want to keep a eye out for a WWII  era tent. What I've listed is just the basic's.